Top New Roofing Technologies For 2018

The roof of a house or building is the most important component to achieving structural integrity. The roof protects your property and everything and everyone in it from the outside elements. Therefore, it can and should be considered one of the most important aspects of your property. At the same time, it can also be considered the most vulnerable. Thus, in order to properly protect it, either repairing or replacing your roof is needed. With that being said, sometimes with new roofing advancements, more is needed. As the years go by, new roofing technologies emerge leading to stronger and more effective roofing options. Below, we will be going over some of the top new roofing technologies for 2018.

Top New Roofing Technologies For 2018:

  1. New Flat Roofing Technologies

Flat roofing has been available for a while, but recently newer materials have emerged leading to much better options for this type of installment. Now, there are new types of flat roofing materials made up of either TPO and PVC. Both of these materials have led to being significant advancements in flat roofing installation because they provide a much greater level of durability. At the same time, they are also waterproof materials which make withstanding harsh elements much more effective. For these reasons, a lot of commercial properties have been shifting their ideal roofing setup to flat roofing with either PVC or TPO materials to take advantage of the greater level of durability. At the same time, residential homeowners have been recognizing the benefits of these new advancements as well.

  1. Cool Roofing Technologies

Cool roofing is another type of roofing that is gaining in popularity. Cool roofing is simply a coating of reflective material that allows for the roof to deflect heat energy back into the environment without taking any of it on. Because of this, it leads to greater levels of energy efficiency. Because the roof is typically one of the main entry points for unwanted heat during the warmer months, it can be very effective for helping to minimize energy waste in virtually any property. It is also able to help boost the durability of the roof because it can minimize the degradation that occurs when the roofing materials are heated continuously. Roof materials that were meant to ‘cool’ were typically only available in white, but with recent advancements in the technology, roof materials now come in all colors and hues with the same reflectivity benefits.

  1. Green Roofing Technologies

Another excellent advancement that has been made in the roofing industry is green roofing technologies. There is now a green roof system that is purposely meant to be an extension of an already established roof. This particular extension is meant to provide better drainage and better waterproofing. Ultimately, it is meant to incorporate and combine all different kinds of green technologies to create the ultimate roof efficiency, but it improves a lot of the existing aspects you might find in existing technologies. For one, it features a better drainage system that allows you to better grow plants below. Also, it repels water effectively to accommodate this drainage system and keeps the roof from retaining the water and causing breakdown of materials throughout the roof. While this type of roof does require a lot more maintenance than your average roof, it can provide a significant amount of efficiency that other roofs simply can’t. Also, it offers easy reparability.

  1. Insulation Technologies

Insulation is key when it comes to roofing. Throughout the years, the technology in the field of insulation has been one of the fastest growing. Nowadays, you will find all kinds of materials including woven fiberglass which can effectively provide the kind of insulation to keep energy waste from occurring both inward and outward through the roofing materials.

  1. Solar Roofing

Another improvement in roofing has been the introduction of solar shingles. Previously, a solar roof was simply out of the question. Not only was it too expensive for the average property owner, but it simply didn’t have the kind of staying power or durability. Nowadays, you have a variety of options to consider.

Solar Shingles – One of the options that you will have to choose from would be solar shingles. Solar shingles are designed to replace and look just like average shingles that you might use to make up your roof. These thin shingles are placed on your roof and function as a solar panel. They are plastic coated and can effectively convert 13% of the sun’s energy into electricity for your property.

Solar Roof Systems – You can also find technology that effectively converts your entire roof into a solar system for your home. Unlike other kinds of solar technologies, this one is actually part of the roof rather than something that is placed on top.

  1. Advancements In Shingles

There have been improvements with shingles recently that make for a much better roof option for home and property owners. The new shingles available on the marketplace are laminated which offer a much greater variety of color choices and blends. Because of this, your roof can feature laminated shingles giving it a much more upscale and premium look that can resemble slate tiles. Not only are they going to offer a great look at your property, but they are much more affordable than ever before given they are quicker and easier to manufacturer.

Overall, there have been a lot of advancements in the roofing industry that have led to a lot of new roofing technologies to consider. Many new roofing advancements have given property owners much more to think about when choosing their ideal roofing configuration. By looking at and considering the different advancements above, you should be able to figure out what roofing setup to opt for. There are a lot of benefits that new technologies and materials have to offer with, and existing technologies and materials have only been more streamlined making them much more affordable and customizable than ever before. It is a good time to invest in a brand-new roof.

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