Make the Windows in Your Home More Secure

Effective Ways to Make the Windows in Your Home More Secure

If you’re extremely diligent about keeping your home safe from predators and intruders, you won’t want to leave your home windows open to attack. While many homes come equipped with a state-of-the-art security system, windows can often be left unprotected or less fully secured than other entry points of the home. Because of this, installing a few extra security measures is always a good idea if you really want to keep your home free of intruders and protected from prying eyes. Your windows are a valuable part of your home as well as an easy point of entry. Even if you choose windows from Renewal by Andersen Window Replacement, you’ll need to make sure they’re fully protected in order to make your investment work for you. If you’re thinking about beefing up your window security system, here are a few ways to go about it.

Choose the Right Glass

It might not seem like having a specific type of glass for your window will help protect you from home intrusions, but never underestimate the job of a truly first-rate pane of protective glass when it comes to keeping your home safe and sound. The first thing to do is to reinforce your window glass with a protective screen such as window film or using laminated safety glass. This extra layer will not only alert you to Install Extra Window Locks and Sensors, it will protect your window from getting shattered in the process. You can also opt for a stronger glass like Plexiglas that’s far harder to break than regular glass.

Install Extra Window Locks and Sensors
Install Extra Window Locks and Sensors

You can never be too careful when it comes to securing your windows from the inside. Even if you have a lock that works securely, invest in a few extra locks to pop in at night or when you’re not in the house. Most homeowners don’t trust their door to just have one single lock. Why should your windows be any different? You can also discourage illegal activity by installing motion sensor lights outside each window. The brighter the area is, the less likely it is to be breached.

Obscure the View from Outside

Most home invaders don’t go into a home blind. They generally have a plan of the home’s interior from what they can see from the outside. They’ve also usually been studying the movements of the homeowner for a long time so that they’ll be able to know when you’re likely to leave the house for longer periods of time. However, if you make it impossible for burglars to get that information in the first place, you’ll make it much harder for a home invasion to happen. Installing window tinting will block the view from the outside, making it impossible for intruders to see when you’re home, what kind of goods you’re housing, and what the interior of your home looks like.

Use Supplementary Window Alarms

Even if you already have a home alarm system, installing a few extra alarms for each window is a great way to go the extra mile in terms of keeping your home secure. You can purchase these alarms online or at a hardware store, and most of them are easy to install.

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