How to Prep the Windows and Doors in Your Home for Winter Temps

How to Prep the Windows and Doors in Your Home for Winter Temps

There are only two guidelines for having a calm and cozy winter: be prepared and try to embrace it. “Being prepared” means more than just digging out your down coat and stocking your pantry. Be prepared for winter. That means making sure that your home is just as ready as you are. Taking a few steps to prepare your windows and doors can keep your home warm, and keep more money in your pocket. Consider these tips for staying warm when the temperatures plummet.

Use Exterior Caulk to Fill Gaps

If you’ve got gaps that are wider than a nickel, you are going to need some exterior caulk. Take a look at the joints in your windows and door openings. Also, examine any gaps between your siding and window/door frames. If you find any gaps–and you probably will–use a silicone caulk to seal them up. This can have a big impact on how well your home retains heat.

Fill Interior Leaks with Caulk and Gap-Sealer

Now it’s time to take a look inside. Examine all of your windows for gaps and opening, and don’t forget the basement! You may even want to carry a lit candle around your home with you to detect drafts. Little cracks can be filled with caulk, and larger openings can be filled using a spray gap-sealer. You can also look for openings around vents, electrical and plumbing fixtures, and ducts.

Install Weather Stripping and Door Sweeps

If you still have small gaps around your windows and doors, consider installing some weather stripping. Available at any home improvement store, weather stripping is cheap to buy and easy to install. Simply remove the backing and press the adhesive side of the weatherstripping against the surface you want to insulate. Some places where you might appreciate a little more insulation include: windows, doors, vents, air conditioners, and mail chutes.

While you’re at it, it is a great idea to install door sweeps on your exterior doors. A door sweep is a piece of rubber or plastic that is secured to the door by an aluminum strip. These remarkable little inexpensive items can prevent gusts of cold air from sneaking in under your doors.

Use Thick Window Coverings

Use Thick Window Coverings

Unless you’re a major exhibitionist, you probably have coverings on your windows at home. It may be surprising to learn how much your curtains and blinds help to insulate you from the cold. If you are feeling the chill through your windows, think about upgrading your drapes. The thicker and more durable your curtains, drapes, or blinds are, the more cold air they will block out. Keep your current window coverings closed (especially at night), or consider purchasing sturdier new ones.

Consider Installing New Windows

If all of these low-cost measures still doesn’t ensure a warm and cozy home, you may want to take more proactive steps. Replacing your windows can help ensure that your home stays well insulated, saving you money on energy costs. A professional consultation can help you when choosing windows for your home. Discuss all of your window installation Charlotte needs.

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