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Tips and Tricks For a Successful Custom Window Film Sign Installation

Vehicle graphics have become popular in recent times. They help to extend your marketing and advertising to your car. However, this should be done without impairing the visibility of the driver. If you already have a window that is blocked from its inside, you will just need a solid vinyl applied to the said window. But in the event that greater visibility is needed, a perforated Toronto custom window film will make a huge difference.

In the entire design and installation process, there are some tips and tricks you should be in the know of that will help to make the work easier.

Benefits of Perforated Toronto Custom Window Film

The most obvious benefit is that with perforated window films, you get to go as large as you would please with the graphics on the vehicle. In past years, the cut vinyl was the preferred media of applying graphics to vehicles. However, contours had to be made to maintain the customer’s visibility. Most times, the entire window graphics had to be relocated to avoid the blind spots.

That said, while the window films tend to have more pros than cons, you should know that the perforated window films tend to have a shorter lifespan compared to the regular graphics. You will need to change them at the very least once in the course of their lifespan.


With regards to this, there are some tips that you need to keep in mind.If you can, you should avoid using small text on the windows. While the perforations are usually small in size, they will significantly distort the look of the tiny text. You should prefer larger texts and images spanning across the window, as these will look better.

For the rear car windows that feature a distinct curve from bottom to top, you should work to avoid having large amounts of text. Why is this? Well, the curve will cause the text to have an arc similar to that of a rainbow. This means that the text at the centre will be straight but those at the edges will arc downwards.

In the event you need to have a line of text on the curved window, you should ensure it is at the centre of the window, in order to have reduced distortion. If this is not possible, aim for a box of information rather than having long lines of text.

Pro tip: to help make the graphic more intentional and appealing, consider angling the short amounts of text, or using boxes of text. The effect will be breathtaking.

Material Options
Perforated window films come in several options. Most vary in terms of the perforation pattern. This refers to the percentage of holes in the solid material. It also varies with the size, as well as the spacing of the holes.

For your vehicle’s custom signs, you should prefer a 50/50 pattern. This translates to 50% of solid media and 50% of holes. All in all, most types will yield perfect custom signs and have great return on investment.

The installation of these custom signs is a breeze. You should, however, ensure that you hire a professional to do it. You cannot afford to have any mistakes, as these translate into cash.

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